Strategy + Creative + Production + Editing = Best Videos

No two stories are exactly alike, even if they are, the way it is conveyed can be different. Your business is unique and we see it. From custom video making to interactive video editing, Strategygains is giving a monopoly to your brand. With new technologies, insights and creativity, we are changing the way businesses communicate. We develop, write, create and edit world-class videos rooted to fulfil the customers’ demands and fulfill their necessities.Our video editing team helps people and businesses in the creation and evolution of brand experience. We apply strategic thoughts to new videos and use market-best tools to edit already shot videos.

But why us? Strategygains’ video editing team has experienced professionals who know how to create convincing stories. By working directly with us, you will get exposure to a nimbler service without going through any havoc. We create audience-focused videos, specializing in delivering powerful insights. Out editing work uncovers the hidden stories and brings them to life through video-centric promotions.

Explore our Video Services

Video Creation

When you sign up for our video creation service, we don’t make the video rather we co-create it with you. We understand your needs and goals and deliver ‘attention-seeking’ videos that make you stand out from the crowd. Our superior video team starts the video creation process by learning about your brand and motto and begins the work from there. On our way to achieving market-focused videos, we also include small crumbs of your business that will help better the outcome. We balance between commercial and art videos so our clients can grow their audiences and build their brands effectively. No project is too long or too short. Strategygains’ video team tries to give its best even if it is a 30-second clip.

Video Creation Services

  • Advertisement Videos- Engage with your audience and explain your service, all while entertaining them
  • Explainer Videos- Go for explainer videos to tell your story and how you plan to revolutionize the industry 
  • Product Videos- Make your potential customers better understand your solutions and keep you on their priority list
  • Testimonial Videos- Are your customers happy with your service? Let the world know about it 
  • Animation Video- Be fun and goal-oriented! Convince your audience to pick you with amazing animation stuff

Video Editing

Are you crazy about video shooting but have no idea how to edit and present them in an appealing way? If so, you are at the right place. Strategygains’ video editing is a professional editing service provider, doing all kinds of modifications and polishing with your raw video. Your videos will be edited professionally by our experienced video editing team and delivered at light speed.

Our video editing team treats your footage like theirs and guarantees that the results will exceed your expectations. From corporate video editing to Vlog video editing, our editors are pros in everything. You can share footage shot on devices like DSLRs, smartphones, tablets, camcorders, etc.

Since the video editing industry is fast-evolving, we ensure that our video editors are well-versed in emerging tools and techniques. We ensure 100% safety and confidentiality to your videos. When your videos are submitted to us, we hear your likes, dislikes and expectations and edit them based on your style. We correct colors, stabilize the video, make it to modern standards and add titles and transitions according to your request. With a team of skillful and hardworking people, we are always ready to give a professional touch to your video.

Video Editing Services

  • Product Video Editing- Improve the branding and marketing of your company with professional product video editing
  • Corporate Video Editing- Present your organization in a favorable light with the first-class corporate video editing service.
  • Vlog Video Editing- Get your simple videos noticed by a good number of audience by adding a sophisticated touch to it