At Strategygains, we provide amazing writing services to empower people and their perspectives. We are not the main character of your story. We strive to become a reliable supporter to execute your ideologies and strategies in the best possible way through original content writing services.

Are you in a dilemma in choosing between creating an in-house content writing team or outsourcing the process? If so, we got you covered. You can now achieve your corporate goals by taking up our writing services, available for all kinds of businesses across the globe. Here, we understand your nuances and put them into creating content that builds a strong connection between companies and the target audience.

As a content service provider, we make sure all our deliverables are well-researched, instigate interest among the audience, develop a voice for your company and make the product sell. We entwine personalized content and audience engagement and deliver unique, plagiarism-free, quality content for your brand.

Our ‘Contentful’ Writing Services is run by a team of professionals who have been navigating the market for a long time. They have been successfully delivering articles to leading global brands for a while now.

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Our Exclusive Three-Step Process


Brief Us on Your Needs

After a short briefing session on your necessities, we will provide you with a preliminary quote and estimated delivery time within 5 minutes.


We Select the Best Team for You

Based on your needs, we filter the best team or writer for you to deliver top-quality content


Get the Content Delivered

Our experienced writers will never forgo the deadline. Your article will be perfectly delivered on or before the requested time.

Our Services

Blogs and Articles

High-quality articles are very critical to maintaining a digital presence. With the help of Strategygains, you can easily get professionally written articles and blogs that will help your business grow digitally and drastically. We have a team of experienced and well-trained professionals who can write polished blogs according to your needs. Our writers are specialized to deliver professionalized and bulk orders on any given topic according to the requirement. We ensure the content has a personal touch which will connect your solutions and services directly with the target audience.

SEO Content

The entire business ecosystem has moved to the internet and having an online presence now is more important than ever before. Online presence means more than just promotions. You can create awareness, make a name for yourself, or even directly sell products and services. However, search engine optimization plays a major role in drawing traffic and potential customers to your website. At a time when an algorithm decides your business prospects, it is really important to have a support system like us to help you in SEO content writing. Our hand-picked writers incorporate desired keywords at the required density to make your website show higher in search engine ranking. With the best understanding of the algorithms, they can deliver content that follows the requisite norms.

Website Content

Our well-crafted website content focuses on making your brand stand out. After taking a brief from you on the services and requirements, we formulate a team of best-fit writers who are elaborated on the same. The writers prioritize your focus area and pain points and create content that directly connects you with your target audience. By following SEO guidelines and demonstrating good content, our writers ensure steady traffic to your website. Throughout the writing process, you’re kept in the loop for any clarification.


Are you somebody with great knowledge and experience but don’t know how to put your perspective in the right words? You are extremely creative in the head but don’t enjoy writing? Do you want to do everything for your business on your own but don’t know how? If yes, ghostwriting is the right service for you. Ghostwriters are professionals who write content for you but don’t take credit for the work. You can write your memories, blogs, speeches or many more with the help of our ghostwriting service. You can share your idea or a blueprint of your thoughts to our writer following which, they will make amazing content out of it. Our ghostwriters try to make an emotional connection between you and your readers through their work.


Writing is all about leaving an impression on the readers’ minds. Yes, that is what we do with our copywriting service. Strategygains anchors market-best writers who create content that leaves a lasting mark. We start by analyzing your content needs and figure out what best addresses your direct customers. With proper SEO-driven techniques and fulfilling content, we help you convey your brand story to your target audience. Our writers commit to delivering 100% unique content with no plagiarism. We provide you with high-quality, clean and crisp stories in the shortest time.

Social Media Content

Millions of people are using social media on a daily basis. In the digital world, people live, connect, make friends, learn, and buy and sell on social media and try different ways of engagement to be socially active. Therefore, businesses are also targeting audiences through this medium. From our end, we provide crafted content which can attract potential customers and educate them about the services you provide. Our motto is not to attract million social media users but at least a group of the targeted audience who will be interested in your brand. We choose the right words, phrases, design patterns and more, which will put you in the spotlight. Through our work, you can showcase how trustworthy and loyal you are to your customers.

Press Release

Press releases are mostly official statements introducing any product or service-related offer. Starting from small to medium and big, companies of all sizes rely on press releases to draw significant attention and increase public awareness. The press release gives wider reach and a better brand presence. But why do you need a professional to intervene in press release writing? Because we have several points to add to the content that makes it less serious than the news and more convincing than a blog. Strategygains has amazing writers who understand this thin line and pen a perfect press release for you.


Stop spamming your customers’ inboxes with promotional messages. They are not interested in ‘sale’ or ‘offer’ anymore. Customers’ behavior and interests change over time and we are here to analyze and address them from your brand’s perspective. Out newsletter writing will make the audience look forward to hearing from you again and again. With interesting subject lines and pitch-perfect content that offers genuine value to the customers, Strategygains gets your audience excited. We assure better click and open rates than you’ve ever experienced before.

Interview Writing/Editing

The direct way to voice your perspectives, suggestions and advice is through interviews. It is the most effective means to tell your story and the moral of it. But not everybody is a storyteller. If you have an impressive story but don’t know how to make it interesting and appealing to the audience, we are here to help. Our experienced team can narrate your story in form of interviews from your view. Or if you have already created a framework and content for your interview, we provide the best editing service that gives a professional touch to your work. We use business terms and corporate views to make your interview sophisticated and convincing

Report writing

These days, organized information is precious and only reports are the best use cases for it. A report is basically a concise document written with a particular purpose and audience. It sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. If you want your reports to be clear and well-structured, we are here at your service. Our well-trained team will do diligent research on the theme you choose, evaluate the facts and present you with a well-analyzed report following a course of action and future recommendations. We follow the standard guideline you provide and put enough sections in the report so your readers can easily find what they are looking for.

E-book writing

Are you interested in virtual book writing and publishing? Then you have come to the right place. Our experts at Strategygains will guide you through the vital steps of e-book writing. The idea will be yours but we will help you incorporate your thoughts and views by making outlines, developing the content, and publishing it. You do nothing except take our well-trained professionals over your topic, criteria and limitations. With a simple framework, we grab the concept and deliver exclusive content out of it. Our design crew will provide you with the best templates and covers. Overall, the e-book will be a complete hit. Gain the most intriguing experience of online book writing with Strategygains!

Content Editing

For the best of error-free and spotless content, get in touch with the expert editors of Strategygains. Our skillful team proofread your content and makes sure that there are no substantive or comprehensive errors left uncorrected. Delivering error-free content is the best way to stay in your potential customers’ hearts for a long time. Besides editing, we also help you in developing content strategies to increase user engagement. From fact-checking to grammar, spelling, and syntax, we got you all covered! So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to bring out the best version of your content with our assistance!

Why Choose Us?

Less Investment and Time
Formulating an in-house team for simple jobs and training them to address your business needs is a big hassle. With Strategygains, you get the fullest efficiency just as or even better than your in-house team.
Best Keyword Research and Editorial Examining
Our professional writers have a knack for finding good keywords that best suit your business needs and make the content fulfill all SEO criteria. The final content is meticulously examined by our editors.
Deadline-Based Delivery
Strategygains value time more than anything else. Once missed, we can never get back. Therefore, we assure you that our best quality content is delivered within 36 hours of placing the order. For bulk orders, we match up with the client proposed deadline.
Zero Cost Revision and Re-writing
If you think the content can be better or lacks information, we offer re-writing by another writer according to the requirement. Our sole aim is to impress you and your readers with the best articles