1. Why should I trust StrategyGains’ Content Service?

As a content writing firm with amazing authors, we have been rocking the digital space since 2017. With exposure to the evolving trends, our writers have been and will continue to write market-best content. Through our ‘one for all’ approach, we give impressive writing to all companies from small to big alike.

2. Do you work across industries and categories?

Over the past five years, our well-trained content writers have been giving articles on many industries like technology, manufacturing, education, healthcare, software, IT, Fintech, etc. We are also professionals in writing target-based content that will directly reach to your audience. And the diverse expertise of our writers give an expert level touch to all the content they draft.

3. Why should I opt for your digital marketing services when I got good content already?

Having good content is not everything. Every good blog needs good marketing to reach the right people. That is what we do at our digital marketing service. Since the range of digital marketing is very wide and varied, as a business, you can select a service according to your convenience. Our experts will make your digital marketing experience flexible and easily adaptive to the latest trends.

4. How can I believe that your lead generation services give qualified leads?

We only take credit for positive leads and don’t call negative or neutral responses as success. Besides, we also do email marketing and create rich text and social campaigns to convey our client’s message to their target audience. According to our data, we have generated more than 3000+ hot leads, and many of our clients have converted those leads into business deals. Our leads-to-business percentage is around 80%.

5. Do I have to give you a list of mail ids or accounts that I want to target?

Not necessarily. During the onboarding call, our lead generation executive will clearly talk about your services and what kind of audience you are trying to reach out to. Based on that, we will design our contact discovery process and send emails. Besides, if you are willing to share a target list of accounts to fast-track the process, we are happy to help you out. But even without a contact list, we assure good results for your work.